We have solutions for demands of different accuracy positioning in all sectors, combing with a complete series of products, which provide the customers with end-to-end total solutions.


  • The Comprehensive Service Platform of Integrated Urban and Rural Information based on Beidou satellite communications, the Internet, connected things, cloud computing and other advanced technology, combing the e-government with e-commerce, which becomes a Comprehensive Information Service Platform that provide information inquiry and publishing, convenient payment, e-ticketing, consumer endowment, college education and training. [details]

  • The solution is the use of technical means Compass / GPS, GIS and mobile communications for specific populations, such as customized intelligent management system. It can be applied to enterprise mobile workers, police patrol, urban management personnel, the elderly, children and other people in need of care, to provide safe, reliable and efficient people location management services. [details]

  • The solution provide better experience for passengers travelling by using the advanced BeiDou/GPS satellite navigation positioning technology, the geographic information system technology, mobile terminals technology, artificial intelligent technology and cloud savings and services, which bring more comfortable, thoughtful, and convenient garden travelling experience to the passengers and more efficient management to the park itself. It attracts more passengers to the gardens which boost the economy of the surrounding areas and enhance the influence of the smart tourism. [details]