We have solutions for demands of different accuracy positioning in all sectors, combing with a complete series of products, which provide the customers with end-to-end total solutions.

  • Mobile traffic police system is constructed on the foundation of the traffic system platform and application supporting system, which is a unified platform and unified supporting system of wireless integrated applications including human, things, material and places. This system constitutes a complete integrated traffic information system together with the current specialized operation. [details]

  • This smart system collects elevator running data from the sensors and then analyzes the data through microprocessor, transmit via GPRS network, which becomes a comprehensive elevators management platform that can realize the functions of elevator fault alarming, rescuing trapped people, daily management, quality assessment, risk prevention and others. [details]

  • This solution achieves the functions of security monitoring, remote alarming, location tracking and timely feedback for digital managing of the urban drainage covers. It will ensure safe and reliable water infrastructures and further improve the informationization and intelligent level of water management, which raise urban management to a higher level, and leading the improvement direction of the domestic development. [details]