BeiDou (Shanghai) Comprehensive Service Platform of Location-based Information which chooses “One Network (BeiDou GBAS), One Resource Tank (BeiDou regional position information database), One Platform (Comprehensive Service Platform of Location-based Information), One Model ( BeiDou industry development model),  One Standard (BeiDou location service standard)” as the construction goal, and " open, free, safe, and efficient "as the construction principle, provides high-precision positioning, navigation, timing, short message communication and other basic services based on the Compass system to the national government users, industry users, LBS operators and other types of users.


As the first regional BeiDou satellite navigation service platform, we actively expand industry applications, promote the development and expansion of the industry chain, and build BeiDou technical support system and application service system.


The Platform consists of four parts: public service, industry operating platform, terminal product center and industry solutions.

Please click the following link for BeiDou (Shanghai) Comprehensive Service Platform of Location-based Information. http://www.beidou-lbs.com