Media Center 2014-09-01
The manhole covers monitoring and management solution was interviewed and reported by CCTV

On the Asia-Europe Expo, Shanghai Beidou Satellite Navigation Platform Co., Ltd. proposed an one-stop solution for three difficulties in managing manhole covers, including“covers lost but no one knows”, “know the lost but not found”, “found the lost but no one manage”, and made a live demonstration.

Taking Shanghai as an example, according to the "Shanghai pipeline inspection covers management and emergency response pilot scheme", the related units "must complete the repair and replacement of missing or damaged manhole covers in two hours in urban area, and in four hours in a suburban area."

By comparison, by using the one-stop manhole covers monitoringandmanagement solution of Shanghai Beidou; it can effectively reduce the processing time to one hour. In later days, Shanghai Beidou will expand the dangerous gases check function for the solution to avoid the gas leak explosion.