Media Center 2014-11-28
Beidou high-precision phone is available applied to taking a taxi at crossroads

Passengers at crossroads use the taxi apps to call a taxi often meet such a situation: if a passenger stands in the opposite direction from the car, the driver will have to turn around a lot of roads to find the passenger. With Beidou high-precision phones, drivers will be able to quickly determine which direction and which intersection the passengers are standing according to the navigation map.The Beidou high-precision phone that is currently developed by Shanghai Beidou, and it can distinguish lane. If the phone user is driving on a viaduct, then the Beidou navigation can help to distinguish left, middle and right lane, and navigate which lane should be driven. If law enforcement departments use it, it can help determine whether or not the vehicles are driving into the bus lanes in the morning and evening rush hours.