Media Center 2014-12-26
Beidou high-precision mobile phone was published, a concept of Beidou market may ignite

A Beidou high-precision mobile phone launches to the market after one year R&D by Shanghai Beidou, Techtotop and ZTE. It is designed by adopting self-developed Beidou satellite-positioning chips and ground-based augmentation system, which enable the locate capacity reaches 0.5 to 0.7 meters accuracy in an open environment, and reaches 3-5 meters accuracy at the city's comprehensive road environment. Compared to the existing 10 to 20 meters positioning accuracy of GPS mobile phone, Beidou mobile phone has been greatly improved. This means that Beidou’s ultra-high precision can distinguish highway or multi-lane elevated road, including the bus lane on the road surface, non-motorized vehicles, to achieve sub-lane precise navigation.