• 【Commercial Case of BeiDou Smart Parking Lot Solutiony】

    Nowadays, "more cars than parking space” is becoming a topic that many middle and big cities have to concern. Under the situation of limited parking space, most measures taken is to build more parking lots and increase parking costs, but each city is having limited land resources...【details】

  • 【Commercial case of solutions for manhole covers smart management system based on yukun】

    With the development of city modernization, no matter enterprises or each person is enjoying the convenience that brings by the social changes, but there are also many potential risks are increasingly exposed in front of us. To fully use the city underground space and resources, the number of cellar covers is enlarging day by day, such as covers for industry of the municipal, the water institutions, the communications, the gas, the thermal, the power and the transportation management. The covers not only bear with the function of underground engineering of maintenance channel, but also bear with function of safety guarantee for traffic of people and vehicles. In recent years, due to the lost of wells covers, many accidents have constantly occurred and caused injure or death to people. The safe management of covers has become an acute problem that must be resolved, which at the same time, sharp rise the labor cost of covers maintenance to the government institutions.【details】

  • 【Commercial Case of Drivers Training Management System Based on Beidou Ground Aug】

    It is well known that driving skill has become one of people’s basic skills. The number of people who are intending to attend driving training is increasing dramatically. Meanwhile, the problems of lacking training hours, bad coaching behaviors and coach fleet management have increasingly become the focus of the society. 【details】

  • 【Commercial Case of Vehicle Monitoring System Based on Beidou Ground Augmentation】

    Along with the rising prosperity of our economy, the vehicles in various industries also expand rapidly, following with enormous pressure on urban traffic and increasing vehicle accidents rate. The number of cars in society has arisen dramatically. The problems of vehicles management are becoming highlighted year by year.【details】

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