President‘s Address

President‘s Address


Welcome to the official website of Shanghai BeiDou Satellite Navigation Platform Company Limited. Thank you for giving your attention, trust and support to our company.

Our company is dedicated to the innovation and practice of core technology, professional solutions, and platform construction. We actively promote the industrialization process of BeiDou related technology in and out of China. After two years of exploration, now we have a stable R&D team, leading products, and advanced service platform, which are solid basis for a more efficient development.

Along with the urgent need of the society on high-precision positioning, the development of BeiDou industry is in a golden period. Shanghai BeiDou Satellite Navigation Company Limited is willing to share our achievements with our partners, and we will always adhere to customer-centered service philosophy to operate our company and develop our team.

 Let us make joint efforts for the development of the national BeiDou industry!


                                                                                                                                                           Shi Xingde

                                                                                              Shanghai BeiDou Satellite Navigation Platform Company Limited